During the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, a young girl confined to her home like the rest of humanity finds a diary in which she begins to write down her thoughts. These immediately become an imaginary dialogue with her city, which she is now forced to watch from behind the windows. The protagonist thus rediscovers the relationship with the place where she lives. The desire to find a new way to express one’s imagination arises within her. Thus she begins to transform her thoughts and dreams into brushstrokes of pure color on snapshots. Her imagination begins to come to life and the sea creatures of her representations begin to populate the city of Milan, swimming freely through its streets. The hidden meaning will be revealed only at the end of the story, when a picture containing the snapshots painted by the girl, will suggest that the new world that awaits her will be as she will be able to imagine it.


Director: Nicola Schito
Screenplay: Emanuele Greco
Voice: Federica Simonelli
Art Director & Motion Designer: Antonietta Viscione
Edited by Beatrice Angri
Original Score and sound design by Matteo Parolini
Color Grading by Diego La Rosa
Special thanks to: Sample Elisa Capetti Alessandro Sartor

In memory of Oreste, Giuliano and of all the beautiful souls we’ve lost.

Filming realized in full compliance with the legislation on containment measures from SARS-CoV-2 in the workplace and in the directives of the audiovisual production protocol.